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Small Wedge Bag || Crashing Flaming Waves || Upcycled Japanese Obi Project Bag

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Your project is unique, so you should put it in a unique bag!

The Authentic Obi bags are particularly unique, as they use second-hand obi from Japan! Obi are the gorgeous belts used to decorate women's kimono. I purchased this obi on a visit to Kyoto in March 2016. In all of my shopping for obi, I have never seen two alike, so each of the pieces in my shop are only available in strictly limited quantities. They are also all slightly different - even from the same obi, so you will have a truly unique piece with any of the bags. This was a particularly vivid obi that I've highlighted by framing the bright part with the navy part that the remainder of the obi was made from. I also highlighted the luxuriousness of the whole piece with some metallic blue top stitching that flashes in the light. 

All of my bags are fully-lined (no raw edges), and has been interfaced so that it is sturdy during use - it will stand up on it's own, even without yarn to support it!

The approximate measurements are: 10" (25.4cm) wide, 8.75" (22cm) tall, and the wedge is 3.5" (9cm), and the bag is capable of holding 200g of lace through DK weight yarn, with room for your project (200g of worsted weight starts to be a tight fit, and is not recommended).

These are sewn by me in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada. There is a tab so that it's an easy open and close bag!

This will ship within 1-3 business days of your order.

The last picture is for illustrative purposes only; yarn will not be included with your purchase.