Gift Guide: $60 and Under

Want to get your crafter a gift, but need to stay on (or under) a medium budget? Look no further than the main line of Atelier Nekozuki bags; with a large selection of prints available, there is sure to be a bag for every knitter and crocheter in your life! All fabrics are from Japan, hand-selected by yours truly, and handmade in project bags in Cochrane, Alberta, Canada.

See some of the examples below: 

$55 bags

Small Box Bags hold up to 300 grams of fingering-weight yarn plus the project! Make sure to check out the collection here!

Small Wedge Bags hold about 200 grams of fingering-weight yarn plus project. These bags will sit up on their own, and the zipper can be folded down to make this into a nifty fabric yarn bowl, transportable anywhere it needs to be. (For extra versatility, add a carabiner and this bag can be hooked through one of the ribbon tabs onto another bag!)

$60 Bags

Knot Bags are a true mixture of a traditional Japanese bag with Japanese fabrics. Made to hold up to 200g of worsted-weight yarn, these bags are perfect when the crafter doesn't want a zipper around their yarn OR wants a bag that will stuff anywhere and everywhere when out and about. 

But, I hear you, "What if my knitter/crocheter/giftee makes larger items?!" Take a gander below (these bags are also super versatile, if you're not sure what the person would use the most, the bigger bags will cover both small and larger projects): 

Large Box Bags were designed with the sweater/large shawl knitter/crocheter in mind. Designed to hold about 500 grams of worsted-weight yarn, plus project, be prepared that this bag will protect projects from marauding children, pets, and others (when zipper is zipped). The zipper pull tabs allow for easy open/closing of zipper, and the hand at the top allow this bag to be carried along as a wrist bag.

Large Wedge Bags are also designed for sweater/large shawl makers in mind. Holding the same amount as the large box bag (approx. 500g of worsted-weight yarn), these bags are functional in that they have two zipper pull tabs to allow for easy zipper movement, one can be used with a carabiner to attach to another bag during transport, AND the top can be folded down to make a fabric yarn bowl! (How much cooler could it get?)  

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