Quality Control Inspectors

Nekozuki Knits is a cat-friendly environment, and so here are the quality control inspectors in the studio!
Quality Control Inspector #1, Remy (Remington) Piche
Quality Control Inspector 1
Hired (adopted) June 19, 2015, Remy ensures your product is up to his exacting standards by making sure to stand in the way of photos, rub his cheeks on the sewing machine, and obstruct work by sitting on Katie's lap as soon as she sits down to sew or do computer work. He is a poseur and enjoys laying on fabric.
Quality Control Inspector #2, Dahlia Piche
Quality Control Inspector 2
Hired (adopted) June 19, 2015, Dahlia ensures that your products are up to her exacting standards by chatting at Katie and being notoriously difficult to photograph. Her mewing sometimes sounds like she's screaming at you.